Resolved question

Problem Installing HP OfficeJet 4550

by steve281499 - 3/17/12 7:52 AM

I had been using my OfficeJet 4550 with an XP computer as a printer only. I now need to start using its other capabilities to scan and FAX. I downloaded the setup files from the HP site and I could not get the Scan/Fax resources to work. I realized that in the control panel the device is listed only as a printer. So, I removed the printer driver and removed all the HP software related to the device. When I try to install (reinstall?) I get a message the the software is installed and I can not do anything but remove the "installed" software. So, I tried that and tried once again (after restarting of course!) to install the software and I have the same results. What am I doing wrong??

Thanks for any help!