Complaint to hp laptop

by HASSANAGHA12 - 1/19/12 4:51 AM




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Dear sir or madam,

I am writing this to complain about the poor support
services by HP. The following is the content of the email I have sent several
times to different departments. There has been no convincing reply /solution to
the issue yet. I want you to help me and tell me what to do about it.

"I do not know how many emails I have sent to Hp support in
South Africa, and to the customer service in Dubai international Airport since they
have already been 50! I am tired of explaining the problem to everyone because
nothing is not happening about that! It has been 4 months I am involving with
this issue. I bought 2 HP laptops which obviously is not going to happen again
throughout my entire life and my friends' too! The units did not work properly
from the very first week I purchased them from Dubai International Airport. Here,
in South Africa, the technicians told me they are neither able to repair them, nor
to provide us with new ones, so I sent them back to Dubai to replace them with
new units, but what they did was to repair them. Please keep in mind that I am
not going to use new laptops which have been repaired and have replaced main parts
any longer! I am feeling sick about your poor support services for HP. At the
time of purchasing, the salesman told me it has global repair/exchange
warranty, but it seems it has been a big lie! I do not stand this anymore. I
already was not able to do my job since I had bought it for work. Unless you do
not provide me with 2 new units immediately, I am going to act publicly about
it and also claim for these 4 months I could not do my job. This is my last
warning to you, and I hope you will do something about it before too long. "