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Adobe Reader XI

by edgbaston - 11/14/12 9:16 AM

Here in the UK it is 5pm, Wednesday 14th November 2012. As i look at pages 1, 2 and 6 of the TechTracker Forum i see no 'Created Discussions' or 'Updated Discussions' with a November 2012 date attached to them. Have you all reached Nirvana but i missed the bus?

Adobe Reader XI: TechTracker keeps listing my Adobe Reader X as, "out of date". I tried updating but finally realised that all that was happening was that i was re-installing Adobe Reader X. Was this because Adobe Reader XI was optimised for Win 7 and 8. Well yes and no. It is available for 7 and 8 but it isn't an historic cut off. As much to my surprise XI is also available for XP. But not for it's successor, my OS, Vista.

i can tweak TechTracker to lose this notification but that doesn't hide it from my own memory and does nothing to answer my questions. Why has Vista been omitted? Was Vista an OS cul de sac? Are 7 and 8 scions of XP or an even earlier OS? If much hyped Vista is subsequently so crap that Adobe are now ignoring it's existence what faith can i put in Windows 8's hype?

Sorry for intruding on your Nirvana. Thank you, to all who reply. i'm in the 'Dummies Guide...' level of expertise so please tailor your comments accordingly.