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Google search problem

by Lynne27 - 10/23/12 10:34 PM

I'm having a tech problem that no one seems to be able to figure out. I hope someone here can help.

I'm running Window 7 and Firefox. 16.0.1. When using Google as search engine, intermittently, I'll get an error message. Several different messages come up at different times. For example, Bad Request - the page is totally blank with no links. This occurs while gmail is still live and kicking, and if I open a saved link, say from a bookmark, it will open. It's the search function that won't work. I assume therefore that it's not my ISP. Other messages when this occurs include the 404 bad page, or one of those caution pages, that says the server thinks this is an insecure address - this when google is the address. When I try to go to even, I'll get the same message. I can't get to the google server.

To make it even more curious, if I open IE, I can search using Bing, but if try to get to google from Bing, the message is: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage, and offers the usual suggestions for trying (none of which are related to the problem).

I've tried various settings. None seem to make any difference. Since it's totally intermittent and I don't change any settings in between usage when it's working normally and when it occurs, I don't think it's the settings.

Another weird aspect, I also have on occasion run into the same issue when searching using my iPhone - searching through Safari, I get the same Bad Request page, which leads me to believe that it's not the browser that's the culprit either.

Occasionally, when opening gmail, (its happened twice now in the last few weeks), I'll get a box that says:
Authentication Required
A user name and password are being requested by The site says "MMCalDav."
Then it asks for a username and password. If I close the box without filling it out (which I've never done), the mail program opens with no apparent problems.

I use AVG and have scanned everything several times. I've also had a my tech consultant check it out and he could find no problems with either viruses or system issues.

I think I've eliminated all the variables leaving only Google as the culprit, but I don't know what's wrong or how to fix it.