Nest Thermostat

by Bats872000 - 4/10/12 7:21 PM

Mr. Fadell, I purchased my nest unit in Jan/2012 and installed it HVAC system, before the unit was purchased I followed your wiring instruction and I was a candidate for the Nest. Item arrived and installed by and it worked like a charm for a weeks or so and it started acting up. As if it completely took control of certain functions. Causing the unit to only run on fan mode will the heat function set point was off. I called the support number and after an hour your support tech was not able to help and the phone call went dead and I never received a return call. Called again and I was able to get a hold of another support tech...we re-wired the stat and still the fan mode continued in the on position while the unit was off. At the end the tech had no resolution for my problem and promised to call me back that night and I never got the phone call.

I reached the wire through the blog on the your web-site and was able to some what resolve the problem...well that's what I thought. again I used my home on the weekend only and the house remains empty during the week at 55 degree set point. Never had a problem with the electrical bills until I installed the nest and it has cost me over $800.00 or more while the nest for the heating season. I called again and a SERVICE TECH BY THE NAME OF IGORE was very helpful and determined the unit might have a glitch and ended the call with me by exchanging the unit for a new one. Another tech requested my credit number for security and I was told I would not be charged and sure enough two days later I was charged for another unit while exchanging the product. Not to long after I received the replacement stat and it was installed again it worked fine until two weeks later when I notice the unit running on fan mode again without stopping costing me more money! So at this point I'm $500.00 into the unit and a additional $800.00 because the Nest stat is not compatible with my system....but the unit was purchase because your web-site said it was compatible when the wire letters of the wiring were compared to those on your web-site. So at the moment you have my stat for over a week now and I have yet to received original cost for the stat a full refund. I have filled out all your surveys and never got a response or an apology for your staff mistakes or costing me over $800.00 for the heating season.

I do believe you have a great product but the customer service Representative and Tech's the handled my case were horrible and mislead me except for Igore! Could you also return my moeny!


Ramon Batista