iMovie Volume Meter Peaking but all audio waveform below 0d

by Loribella - 4/5/13 9:26 AM

When I play my movie, the volume meter in iMovie shows peaking in the red (distortion) all over the place, but in the audio waveform there is not one place where it goes above 0db or peaks into the red (or even the yellow). The whole wave is below the 0db line. It sounds great when I play it and still great after I export it.

But, once I upload it to YouTube, there is awful distortion all over the place just like the volume meter in iMovie indicates. I can't find any place to turn down output so the volume meter doesn't peak and I don't want to turn my audio waveform down too far below 0db and lose all of my volume. I already tried clicking on the Normalize Clip Volume in Audio Adjustments and that didn't seem to change anything, still peaking like crazy in the volume meter. What can I do to get rid of the red peaking and distortion?

Here's a little more info for anyone who can help with my problem. I am using iMovie 11 on an i7 iMac with Lion. I turned the audio of my video all the way down and imported another audio that had been compressed in Pro Tools to show no red peaks whatsoever. Can someone please help?