Disappointing iWork update

by DaverDee - 7/27/12 4:46 PM

Is anyone disappointed with the recent iWork for OS X update? I am. In particular, I was hoping Numbers got more muscle.

One example is capacity. I wanted to import a CSV file that was 6 meg in size. Numbers couldn't handle it. Speaking of size, I tried importing an Excel file that had more than 64K rows. Numbers couldn't handle that either.

Another example is functional parity. While I take advantage of Numbers' Category feature, why can't Numbers have pivot capabilities? And why can't Numbers transpose cells easily like Excel?

Lastly, Numbers performance is anything but speedy. I have a graph based on a simple no-formula five column table of 6000 rows. Any value change to a single cell requires 20 minutes to update the graph. That's 20 minutes - not 20 seconds. I just don't understand why this is the case.

An update to Numbers that allows me to store on the Cloud? I was looking for more.