Bug with exporting RTF files from Pages '09

by scotty321--2008 - 12/19/09 7:00 PM

We discovered this bug with Pages '09 today:

Pages '09 does not export RTF files properly, because it doesn't export the STYLES when it exports RTF documents. Compare this to how Microsoft Word PROPERLY exports RTF files, with styles intact.

Specifically, we are trying to export a screenplay out of Pages that was created using Pages' "Screenplay" template. That template has many predefined styles. But upon exporting a document created with that template to RTF format, and then importing that RTF file into a dedicated screenplay program like Final Draft, all the styles are gone and Final Draft imports it all as just one big lump of text.

The workaround is to export from Pages into .doc format, open up the .doc file in Microsoft Word, and then export to .rtf format from Microsoft Word (which exports to .rtf format properly). Then, you can import THAT .rtf file into other programs, because the styles are intact.