Resolved question

iTunes and multiple track names

by Spritehead - 3/24/13 4:36 PM

iTunes. Ok Folks. Please, someone know the answer! I spent many an hour looking for answers. No luck yet. With iTunes I am hoping there is a way to change multiple track names at once. Not Album or file names, or any other info, just track names! I know how to use the "Get Info" and all it does in iTunes. What it doesn't have is a way to change just the track names. I have thousands of podcast and audio programs that are a mess. For example - from one show/program (1400 files) - some track names begin with the day of the week, or the month, or hour number, or show name, and so on, depending on where or how I downloaded over the last 6 years. When I bought a new PC with Windows 8 I just copied the actual files and not itunes library. Big mistake. All my wonderfully organized shows -GONE! When I copied into iTunes 10 the track names were all jumbled and there are duplicates. It was easy to rename them all one by one over the six years. Its a nightmare trying to find shows, especially with parts 1,2,3 etc. when they have different track names. I got the host, album, and year worked out with "Get Info". I want to change all the tracks to have the same heading and varying differences i.e, "The All Coast Show - # 20 Jan 4 2006 hour 1, then hour 2, 3 and so on. I really hope there is a way to change track names in multiples at once. Help please.