Resolved question

LG AppsStore not working after update

by cybersofasurfer - 4/26/13 11:14 PM

Since the last update (several weeks ago now) I can no longer connect to the AppStore on my LGTV (47LM860V-ZB). I get timed out with server 404 try again later alerts, at all times of the day and night. I can't connect to 3DWorld either.

My WIFI connection to the TV is strong. The Web browser and Youtube apps still work fine, and I can stream films to the TV from my Plex server.

Is anyone else having problems connecting to the LG AppStore and 3DWorld?

I'm in the UK and my internet provider is BT. They are forever blocking and throttling websites. I'm wondering if they might be responsible, or if the last LG update was bugged.