Question about LG's Dual Play mode

by Jerones88 - 1/28/13 7:18 AM


I recently purchased an LG 47LM640S (LOVE IT!) and I have a question regarding the dual play mode.

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to use the dual play mode trough PIP.

What I'm trying to do is watch tv (for my girlfriend) and play a game (for me) at the same time.

PIP is enabling the split screen, left side TV and right side my game, however they are on different channels (HDMI 1 and 2).

So my question is can i watch tv AND play a game at the same time in full screen with dual play mode enabled and wearing my glasses?

Also, can't i just simply create these glasses for dual play, or are the glasses differently shaped (meaning left/right).

Hope you guys can help me out!