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LG32LH5000 displaying 'invalid format' with PS3. Help!

by NakedSalad - 1/23/13 5:17 AM

I've never had this problem before, and just the other day my PS3 was working fine with my TV. However, when I turned it on today my LG TV (32LH5000) wasn't picking my PS3 up.

I changed the HDMI cable to a different one and the same problem.

I did some research online and discovered you can reset the video settings by holding the power button and waiting for 2 beeps.

Finally I got some picture and was able to log into my PS3. However, when I go to the display settings and try and change it so my PS3 will be in HD like it has been before, my TV screen goes black and says, 'No signal. Invalid format.'

I've reset my TV to its factory settings. I've turned it on and off at the wall.
I've turned both my TV and my PS3 off to let them cool down for a bit.
Tried mutiple HDMI cables.

I've posted this also on the Playstation forums as I'm not sure if it's a PS3 or TV problem!

I'd really appreciate the help as playing games on my PS3 not in HD is horrific!