Resolved question

Problem with editing and going slowly mad!!

by selwyn-rose - 1/22/13 4:38 AM

Hi! I have a problem with my LG 388 Video-VCR recorder/player.

It is quite some time since I have needed to edit DVD recordings that I have made for myself from the TV.

To my utter consternation and dismay I cannot find the menu option which allows me to edit (cut) part(s) of the recorded scenes; I have scoured the entire on-screen menus but nowhere can I see any option leading to this editing menu. I have done this on so many occasions and have the edited discs to prove it. I am using approved -RW "Verbatims" as always.

As far as I recall it SHOULD appear to the left of the menu list on insertion. Am I wrong?

(Incidently neither can I "find" the play-list toggle option that I previously had!).

Why am I being driven slowly mad with this problem?

Any help gratefully accepted!