Will LG make backlit LED TVs >55"?

by register54321 - 5/18/10 1:12 PM

I've got a dying Mitsubishi 65" DLP. Want to replace it with a backlit LED in the 60-65" range. Unfortunately, this is proving REALLY difficult. Seems most manufacturers are stopping at 55". My current viewing distance is 9 feet (if I put it on the stand) or 12 feet if it's mounted on the wall.
Few questions:
1. Would I be happy with a 55" at these distances? Could I mount it on the wall or would that be too far f(12 feet) or this size screen?
2. Even in the 55" models I'm finding "LED Backlight Technology, Edge Light with local dimming." I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. Is it REAL backlighting augmented with edge lighting?
3. Lastly, anyone know when the new TVs are due out?
Thanx in advance!