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Movie files getting jammed while playing

by AM_SOS - 9/15/12 2:09 PM

Hi all,

This is about possible problems with my HDD. I have a one and a half year old MBP 13in.

I download around 2 to 3 movies every month. My HDD seems to be in good shape but of late I have noticed some symptoms of what seem to indicate problems with the HDD.

While watching this particular comedy series from the 1980's, the display keeps getting stuck. It seems to happen mostly at the time I begin playing the file. Once a few minutes are gone by it the file generally runs without any hiccups.

Now I used to keep pausing and then playing files of this comedy series when I would watch them earlier.

So, I am wondering if this problem indicates that these files are getting corrupted or some such thing, or perhaps that the HDD has some problems (bad sectors?). Has someone seen something like this?