Printer works intermittently

by Alan Rawn - 2/26/10 3:41 PM

Ever since I upgraded to Leopard from Tiger (OS), I am having problems with printing (I use a HP laserjet 1012). Quite often, after trying to print a file, the HP laserjet panel says cannot connect to printer, or connecting to printer and never getting connected. So I put the file to be printed on hold. Then I unplug from the printer the usb jack, and resume the printing. Of course it can't print, and the words next to the file which say "on hold" in the HP laserjet panel change to a -. At that point, 4 of 5 times, when I replug in with my usb jack, and then press OK on the new on-screen window that says printer cannot connect, it then prints. How do I get the printer to work properly as before, without unplugging it all these times?

I cannot determine if it's software or the physical connection.