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Force Google Group To Return to Traditional Settings

by robb7thurston - 6/18/13 6:07 PM

Of A Year Ago.
I participate in some Google groups like Alt Comp
Antivirus and Comp Freeware sometimes. I am not what you call tech
savy, although I can use a keyboard. Well, Google Groups keeps
introducing some new settings and configurations. It is madness for me, I
am not sure how to use them. I got used to the old groups of several
years ago, and I apologize. I did see some announcements several
times: "would you like to return to traditional settings?" or
something like that. Answer!!!YES!! But I cannot see how to do that or
force Google Groups back to the old settings. Finally, I have
to learn how to do this because every time I reboot, which is
relatively often (at least three or four times a week to reset stuff) I
get the new settings. So I need to learn how to use key strokes to go
back to the old settings. Can you send some tutorials by
different organizations, so I can find one that is suitable to my dumb
old brain?!! Hah Hah!! thanks!Robb