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How to replace pay prm catv with web services for multi tvs

by rik-e-ricard0 - 2/20/13 5:13 PM

currently have full load of premium cable channels for five tv hookups, 5 boxes,2 are dvd boxes. i read that you could buy netflix, apple tv, and hulu and for about $315 a year get more and better selections. my big issue is can those services be distributed to all five tv's. i would have a professional do the work but i am not sure it is possible to have this and save enough to make it worthwhile.
my cable bill runs $230.00 a month for internet wi-fi, cable tv,and a useless land line. included are 3 cable boxes and 2dvr boxes, I am looking for ways to save on the cable tv end of the bill. when you go from a bundled package to an alacarte service there is not savings enough to drop the bundle.