TOP 5 weekly issues - May 31, 2013

by Jan_AVG AVG staff - 5/31/13 4:10 AM

** Improve Your Web Protection **

AVG users may receive pop-up with the "Improve Your Web Protection" message (screenshot).
This offer provides automatic installation of the AVG toolbar that provides protection against malicious websites, AVG Do Not Track feature and AVG secure search. Click the Decline in case you do not want to improve your web protection.

** Where can I find my license number? **

AVG license number is required in some cases (e.g. AVG installation, license renewal, ...). We have prepared the Where can I find my license number? which will help you to find, recover or register your license number.

** False positive alarms **

We noticed a couple of false positive alarms reported on forums in the past week. Any AntiVirus software may detect a legitimate application sometimes when a part of its code is similar to a code in newly created malware. AVG implements advanced anti-false mechanisms to minimize risk of false alarms to prevent this. We have prepared the AVG detects infection on file that I suppose to be clean article for such rare coincidence when AVG detects a clean file.

** AVG Toolbar and Secure Search uninstallation **

If you want to completely remove the AVG Secure Search and/or AVG Toolbar and associated browser changes, please follow the How to remove AVG Toolbar, homepage and Secure Search from your browser article where you can find detailed instructions.

** VProtect Application **

Please be informed that process vprot.exe (VProtect Application) is legitimate part of the AVG toolbar. We have prepared the What is VProtect Application and vprot.exe article where you can find more information as well as instructions how to fix common issues.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts.