TOP 5 weekly issues - April 13, 2013

by Jan_AVG AVG staff - 4/12/13 10:57 PM

** iTunes library is missing **

Some of you reported that iTunes library is missing lately. We would like to inform you that new virus database (3162/6241) which contains fix was released today via automatic update. It is recommended to restore previous backup of iTunes library if it was removed. There are two options how to restore iTunes library:

A. From manually created backup.
B. From automatic backup.
- 1. Display hidden folders and show file extensions.
- 2. Navigate to iTunes library folder.
- 3. Close iTunes and temporarily disable AVG.
- 4. Find *.tmp file created on day when issue appeared for the first time.
- 5. Copy and rename it to iTunes Library.itl.
- 6. Run iTunes.
If the library is not loaded repeat steps 3-6 and try another *.tmp file.

** Download Failed - Virus Detected **

The ability of downloading files from the internet can be limited after upgrading your AVG to the latest version. This issue occurs under specific circumstances and the "Download Failed - Virus Detected" error message is displayed by your internet browser. We have prepared article which should help you in such cases.

** AVG TuneUp for Android **

We would like to announce that the AVG TuneUp for Android was released on 10th of April. The AVG TuneUp optimizes smartphone or tablet for longer battery life, more stability and performance. You may find more details as well as download link here.

** VProtect Application **

Please be informed that process vprot.exe (VProtect Application) is legitimate part of the AVG toolbar. AVG toolbar is standalone application which can be uninstalled if you are no longer interested in it.

** Trusted device in your network **

The How to allow or block all connections for a particular IP address article may save some time to anyone who needs to allow or block network access to a specific device in his network. Such device could be a smart TV, NAS server, network scanner/printer, etc.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts.