TOP 5 weekly issues - March 22, 2013

by Jan_AVG AVG staff - 3/22/13 7:05 AM

** AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 released **

We are happy to announce that the AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 (build 2013.0.3258 and higher) was released recently. This update contains many bug fixes, improvements and also new feature (Release Notes). AVG Quick Tune is now part of all paid versions of AVG. AVG Quick Tune keeps your PC running smoothly by regularly defragmenting your hard drive, removing junk files, eliminating broken short cuts and repairing your registry keys. Please download latest installation file and run Repair installation to get AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 installed today.

** How to set up AVG E-mail Scanner **

AVG E-mail Scanner is able to scan e-mails without further configuration. However some e-mail providers uses specific settings and AVG E-mail Scanner has to be configured manually. We have prepared articles for most popular providers - Gmail and AOL - and also general article How to set up servers for scanning e-mails - SSL communication for providers with secured connections.

** AVG Add-in caused MS Outlook 2013 to crash **

We have received reports that MS Outlook 2013 crashed due to AVG 2013 Add-in. The "Outlook detected and add-in problem; AVG Add-in for MS Outlook; This add-in caused Outlook to crash" error message is displayed (screenshot). We would like to inform you that this issue is fixed in the latest version of AVG 2013 (build 2013.0.3258 and higher). Please download latest installation file and run Repair installation to fix this issue.

** AVG Family Safety and iTunes **

AVG Family Safety and iTunes 10.5 (and newer) may be in conflict under specific circumstances. Developers are working on a fix while temporary fix can be found here.

** False positive alarms **

We noticed a couple of false positive alarms reported on forums in the past week. Any AntiVirus software may detect a legitimate application sometimes when a part of its code is similar to a code in newly created malware. AVG implements advanced anti-false mechanisms to minimize risk of false alarms to prevent this. We have prepared the AVG detects infection on file that I suppose to be clean article for such rare coincidence when AVG detects a clean file.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts.