AVG TOP 5 weekly issues - October 26, 2012

by Jan_AVG AVG staff - 10/30/12 9:06 AM

** Installation/upgrade to AVG 2013 is failing **

In some cases installation of AVG 2013 is failing. Please click Go online to learn about this issue in the AVG installation error dialogue which will show specific instructions, if available. We have prepared the FAQ 5175 article which can help you if no specific solution is provided. Please contact AVG customer care experts or AVG Forums if the installation is still failing.

** False positive alarms **

We noticed a couple of false positive alarms reported on forums in the past week. Anti-virus may detect a legitimate application sometimes when a part of its code is similar to a code in newly created malware. AVG implements advanced anti-false mechanisms to minimize risk of false alarms to prevent this. If you encounter such rare coincidence when AVG detects a clean file, please submit the respective file to our virus analysts. There are two options how to proceed:
A) Sending via this web page.
B) Sending via e-mail as described in this AVG Forums post. When a sample is analyzed, e-mail response is sent back to sender with result.
More information about false positive alarms is available in the above linked AVG Forums article or in FAQ 2343.

** AVG requesting system restart repeatedly **

AVG users reported that AVG is requesting restart repeatedly after completing the AVG update process. This issue is likely caused by certain update files could not been renamed for some reason.
Please proceed as follows to rectify the situation:
1. Navigate to the following folder (some files and folders are hidden by default operating system configuration):
...or (if using Windows XP):
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg<VERSION>\cfg\
2. Verify that the updatecomps.cfg.prepare or updatecomps.bak file is present in this folder.
3. Delete the updatecomps.cfg file.
4. Rename the updatecomps.cfg.prepare or updatecomps.bak to updatecomps.cfg.
We recommend performing the complete AVG reinstallation if the issue is not rectified. Please contact AVG customer care experts should you need further assistance.

** AVG is not detected by Windows Security Center **

Windows Security Center may report that there is no anti-virus present even when AVG is running correctly. This situation is in most cases caused by a corrupted or incorrectly loaded information to the Windows Repository. Please use specialized AVG DelRep utility to resolve this situation. Do not hesitate contacting AVG customer care experts or AVG Forums if further assistance is needed.

** Windows cannot boot **

In some cases operating system cannot be started properly. This behavior is usually caused by an infection which taken control of your system or was removed by an antivirus software. We recommend running the AVG Rescue CD scan to remove infection and following this guide if system is rebooting repeatedly.
Windows boot can also be affected by an interference between legitimate application and operating system. Windows Safe mode is usually functional in these cases. Some AVG users reported booting issues after AVG 2013 installation. This issue is caused by AVGIDSAgent service, it can be disabled as a temporary fix.
Should you require additional assistance, please contact AVG customer care experts or describe the situation in AVG Forums.