AVG TOP 5 weekly issues - October 19, 2012

by Jan_AVG AVG staff - 10/23/12 8:29 AM

** Firewall is "stopped" after recent update **

In some cases the AVG 2013's Firewall on Windows XP may stop working after a recent program update. The Firewall shows status "Stopped" and the "Firewall cannot start, because an error has occurred in communication with a driver. Please contact AVG Technical Support." error message is displayed in details. Please follow FAQ 5290 if you have encountered this situation. Do not hesitate contacting AVG Customer Care experts or AVG Forums if further assistance is needed.

** AVG 2013 Remote Administration **

AVG Remote Administration and endpoint protection 2013 products are now available for beta testing! We're happy to announce that all three products (AVG 2011, 2012, 2013) can now be tested together with Remote Administration 2013. Since this new version has overhaul of several components, we'd like you to install and test the products in order to verify they work properly. If you have any comments or discussion topics, please share them with others in Beta forum.

** AVG Secure Search uninstallation **

Please find AVG Secure Search toolbar and associated browser changes removal instructions in the FAQ 5200. Do not hesitate to contact AVG customer care experts or ask on AVG Forums if any assistance is required.

** AVG Identity says "Not Protected" **

We received several reports that the AVG Identity component says "Not protected" (screenshot) even if the Identity Protection is enabled (screenshot). We recommend reinstalling AVG 2013 and contacting AVG customer care experts if the issue still persists.

** Strange AVG file names **

Several users were confused by strangely named AVG files, mostly the "ROC_ROC_NT" file lately. If unsure about a certain file, we recommend checking its digital signature as follows:
- Right-click the respective file and select Properties from the context menu.
- Switch to the Digital Signatures tab.
- Verify that the file is signed by trusted authority (screenshot).
If unsure about an unsigned suspicious file, please send it to our virus specialists for analysis as described in the FAQ 2321 or contact AVG Technical support.