AVG TOP 5 weekly issues - October 5, 2012

by Jan_AVG AVG staff - 10/10/12 7:23 AM

** Total object scanned: 0 **

Some of you have reported that AVG 2013's Whole computer scan is instantly completed with Total object scanned: 0 (screenshot).
This issue is connected only to the Whole computer scan. Please be informed that your computer is still protected by other AVG components (Anti-Virus, Identity Protection, Scheduled Scan, ...). We recommend setting scheduled scan as a temporary solution.
Please contact AVG customer care experts or AVG Forums if further assistance is needed.

** Windows cannot boot **

In some cases operating system cannot be started properly. This behavior is usually caused by an infection which taken control of your system or was removed by an antivirus software. We recommend running the AVG Rescue CD scan to remove infection and following this guide if system is rebooting repeatedly.
Windows boot can also be affected by an interference between legitimate application and operating system. Windows Safe mode is usually functional in these cases. Some AVG users reported booting issues after AVG 2013 installation. This issue is caused by the AVGIDSAgent service. We recommend following this article to temporarily solve this situation.
Should you require additional assistance, please contact AVG customer care experts or describe the situation in AVG Forums.

** Allow Battlefield 3 in AVG Firewall **

Online features in Battlefield 3 requires opening additional communication in the Firewall. In case you are not able to connect to some or all on-line games in Battlefield 3, or are getting disconnected during an on-line game, please follow FAQ 5276.

** AVG Secure Search uninstallation **

Please find AVG Secure Search toolbar and associated browser changes removal instructions in the FAQ 5200. Do not hesitate to contact AVG customer care experts or ask on AVG Forums if any assistance is required.

** AVG Antivirus FREE needs to be updated **

Please be informed that since September 25 we are offering upgrade to AVG 2013 Antivirus FREE from previous (AVG 2011 and 2012) versions. This easy upgrade option is available through system tray notification message (screenshot). Please click the Update now button to start the update process. To postpone the update click Later. You will be reminded again in a couple of days or you may upgrade manually. More information can be found in the FAQ 5274. Do not hesitate contacting AVG Customer Care experts or AVG Forums if further assistance is needed.