AVG TOP 5 weekly issues - August 17, 2012

by JiriF_AVG AVG staff - 8/17/12 4:59 AM

** Trojan horse infection **

AVG Forums visitors reported a couple of Trojan horse infections which appeared to be difficult to remove. Should you face any trouble removing an infection detected by AVG, please check this AVG Forums thread for a few tips on how to remove infections. An infection is sometimes coming back when stored in the System Volume Information folder. You can disable the operating system's restore functionality temporarily in order to remove the malware from this location as described here.
If the infection is still coming back, it could be accompanied by an undetected rootkit. We recommend scanning your computer using updated AVG Rescue CD in such case. AVG Rescue CD is able to remove known rootkits easily.
Please do not hesitate contacting AVG customer care experts should you require assistance with infection removal.

** AVG Firewall blocking Guild Wars 2 **

We have recently gained access to Guild Wars 2 beta and were able to test the previously reported connectivity issues properly. We recommend configuring your AVG Firewall as described in this AVG Forums post. We received several feedbacks confirming the issue is resolved.
Should you face any difficulties, you are more than welcome to share your experience in forums. Alternatively, you could contact AVG customer care using one of the available avenues.

** Last scan time is incorrect **

A few AVG Forums users reported the "Last scan" date and time is not correctly displayed in the AVG user interface. AVG user interface reports "Not yet scanned" even though at least one scan already took place. To rectify this issue, please proceed as follows:
1. Some files and folders are hidden by default operating system configuration. Make sure to unhide them as described here.
2. Navigate to the following folder:
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ AVG2012\Log\
Windows Vista/7:
3. Delete the history.xml file located in this folder. AVG will automatically create a new one later.
4. Run the AVG user interface and perform the scan.
5. The last scan time will be correctly displayed, after the scan is finished.
Should the issue persists, please contact AVG customer care experts or describe the situation in AVG Forums for further guidance.

** Trusted device in your network **

Although this is not one of frequent queries in forums, the information may save some time to anyone who needs allowing network access to a specific device in his network without limitation. Such device could be a NAS server, network scanner/printer, etc. The most straightforward solution to allow all traffic to and from such a trusted device is to whitelist it. More information on how to whitelist a device with static IP address in AVG Firewall configuration can be found here.
Should you require additional assistance configuring AVG Firewall, please contact AVG customer care experts or describe the situation in AVG Forums.

** Avoiding malware **

Some time ago, we've been asked to put together a few recommendations on how to stay safe and avoid infections in forums. This request was motivated by the fact that no security solution is able to protect user against 100% of threats and it is always a good idea to prevent bad things from happening than ironing out the consequences later. Please find our basic recommendations in this AVG Forums article, if interested.

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