AVG TOP 5 weekly issues - August 10, 2012

by JiriF_AVG AVG staff - 8/10/12 8:55 AM

** AVG Firewall blocking Guild Wars 2 **

We have recently gained access to Guild Wars 2 beta and were able to test the previously reported connectivity issues properly. We recommend configuring your AVG Firewall as described in this AVG Forums post. Although the game performed well in our testing environment with this firewall configuration, we invite you to give us your feedback directly in AVG Forums.

** AVG Security Toolbar updated **

Please be informed we have recently released an update for AVG Security Toolbar (version, adding support for Chrome 22 and Firefox 15.
Also, based on feedback from our users, a simpler avenue to uninstall the AVG Toolbar has been introduced directly in the toolbar's menu.

** Google Chrome issues with AVG Resident Shield active **

A few users reported problems while opening their Google Chrome browser. The issue was rectified if the AVG Resident Shield was disabled temporarily. The issue occurred with other security solution as well. We were not able to induce the issue in our environment so far. We recommend updating you Google Chrome to 21.0.1180.75 or newer should you face this issue. Alternatively, you could disable Chrome's sandbox feature as described in this AVG Forums post if the issue persists. That will temporarily work-around it.

** Strange rootkit detected? **

Recently, a few AVG users reported unknown rootkit infection detected. Although rootkit techniques could be used by legitimate applications for various purposes (e.g. copy protection), we recommend thorough checking the system if unsure, whether there could be a malicious rootkit present. More information about rootkits and how to remove them can be found in the following FAQ articles:
What is rootkit?
How to deal with rootkits?
If you believe a rootkit is detected while in fact there is no rootkit technique employed, please provide us with more details as described in this AVG Forums post (the Anti-Rootkit False Positives part). Please contact AVG customer care experts or describe the situation in AVG Forums directly.

** AVG Rescue CD does not detect your hardware? **

Release candidate version of new AVG Rescue CD is available for Beta testing. Please test this new version in case you have any issue with the current version (e.g.: HDD is not mounted, WiFi issues). New version of AVG Rescue CD 2012.3 introduces set of new features (IPv6 ping, Unrar) and improvements such as unified user interface behavior, improved WiFi support, support for AVG 2013 Virus Vault and new buildroot (Kernel 3.1.4 etc.). Do not hesitate to report back to us any issues that you experience, using the Bug reporting facility.

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