AVG TOP 5 weekly issues - July 7, 2012

by JiriF_AVG AVG staff - 7/9/12 8:52 AM

** Where are the web safety ratings now? **

Please be informed the Search Shield feature has been redesigned with the latest AVG program update. This LinkScanner sub-component evaluated your search results in past and displayed verdict icons with all the results (green icons for safe links, yellow and orange for risky, red for unsafe). We have now improved the search results evaluations. The process is performed on the remote server which ensures always perfectly up to date results. To be able to take advantage of the feature, the search needs to be performed using the AVG Secure Search website. There is one exception though, the green verdict icons are not displayed at all, by default. This means only websites with active exploits are highlighted by warning icons. If you'd like to have all the verdict icons displayed as you were used to before, please choose to Show ratings for All Sites directly on the AVG Secure Search page as seen here.
If you are interested in the current web page security status, simply click the Security Rating button on your AVG Toolbar for detailed overview as seen on this screenshot.

** Anti-Rootkit detecting 1 bit corruption **

A few AVG users reported Anti-Rootkit detections of legitimate files. A corrupted section was detected in a file loaded in memory. The detection report could be similar to the following:
"Corrupted section hal.dll[.text] HalBeginSystemInterrupt+0x73, size 10 bytes";"Object is hidden"
Based on our research, such memory modification can be caused by running a virtualized operating system. The detection may be safely ignored. The following AVG product version will no longer display these detections as a rootkit indicator.
In this AVG Forums thread you can see an example of such Anti-Rootkit detection.

** AVG requesting system restart repeatedly **

AVG Forums users reported AVG requesting restart repeatedly after completing the AVG update process. This issue is likely caused by certain update files could not been renamed for some reason.
Please proceed as follows to rectify the situation:
1. Navigate to the following folder (some files and folders are hidden by default operating system configuration):
...or (if using Windows XP):
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg2012\cfg\
2. Verify that the updatecomps.cfg.prepare file is present in this folder.
3. Delete the updatecomps.cfg file.
4. Rename the updatecomps.cfg.prepare to updatecomps.cfg.
If the issue is not rectified or if the updatecomps.cfg.prepare file is not present, please run AVG repair installation using the most recent installation package. More information on repairing the AVG installation using a newly downloaded installation package can be found in one of the following FAQ articles, procedure variant 2:
AVG Free Edition
AVG paid for versions
Please contact AVG customer care experts should you need further assistance.

** Strange text displayed in the AVG user interface **

A few AVG users reported there is a strange text displayed in the AVG user interface instead of the banner notifications. The issue is caused by incorrect MHT files association. Should you face a similar situation, please proceed as indicated in this AVG Forums thread.

** Anti-Virus inactive? **

AVG Forums visitors sometimes report AVG Anti-Virus component is inactive. This issue is usually caused by hardware failure. We recommend running memory and hard drive tests to check your hardware health should you face similar situation. If the tests reveal that any of the RAM modules or hard drives is faulty, please consult local computer repair shop or your computer vendor for further guidance. The respective faulty component will need to be replaced.
If the hardware appears to be perfectly healthy and the issue persists, please contact AVG customer care experts or describe the issue in AVG Forums to allow us investigate the issue.

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