AVG TOP 5 weekly issues - June 29, 2012

by JiriF_AVG AVG staff - 6/29/12 8:05 AM

** Anti-Rootkit scan detects a corrupted file **

A few AVG users reported strange Anti-Rootkit detections of legitimate files. A corrupted section was detected in such file. The detection report could be similar to the following:
"Corrupted section hal.dll[.text] HalBeginSystemInterrupt+0x73, size 10 bytes";"Object is hidden"
While the file is in fact corrupted, it is only a one bit error which does not affect functionality. Such detection may be safely ignored. The following AVG product version will no longer display these detections as malicious rootkit behavior.
In this AVG Forums thread you can see an example of such Anti-Rootkit detection.

** Trojan horse infection **

AVG Forums visitors reported a couple of Trojan horse infections which appeared to be difficult to remove. Should you face any trouble removing an infection detected by AVG, please check this AVG Forums thread for a few tips on how to remove infections. An infection is sometimes coming back when stored in the System Volume Information folder. You can disable the operating system's restore functionality temporarily in order to remove the malware from this location as described here.
If the infection is still coming back, it could be accompanied by an undetected rootkit. We recommend scanning your computer using updated AVG Rescue CD in such case. AVG Rescue CD is able to remove known rootkits easily.
Please do not hesitate contacting AVG customer care experts should you require assistance with infection removal.

** Last scan time is incorrect **

A few AVG Forums users reported the "Last scan" date and time is not correctly displayed in the AVG user interface. AVG user interface reports "Not yet scanned" even though at least one scan already took place. To rectify this issue, please proceed as follows:
1. Some files and folders are hidden by default operating system configuration. Make sure to unhide them as described here.
2. Navigate to the following folder:
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ AVG2012\Log\
Windows Vista/7:
3. Delete the history.xml file located in this folder. AVG will automatically create a new one later.
4. Run the AVG user interface and perform the scan.
5. The last scan time will be correctly displayed, after the scan is finished.
Should the issue persists, please contact AVG customer care experts or describe the situation in AVG Forums for further guidance.

** Standalone AVG Security Toolbar **

Please be informed the AVG Security Toolbar is bundled with some third party applications. When installing such application, user is offered to install AVG Security Toolbar as well, during the setup process. Here you can see an example of such installation dialogue window.
If you would like to remove the AVG Security Toolbar later, please use the Windows Control Panel -> Programs and Features (or Add or Remove Programs if using Windows XP) to uninstall it. Removing AVG Secure Search provider from your browsers can be then done as described in this FAQ article.

** AVG LinkScanner for Mac uninstallation trouble **

AVG Forums user reported trouble removing AVG LinkScanner for Mac. The installation was corrupted and the application could not be uninstalled by usual means. Should you face a similar situation, please refer to this AVG Forums thread. A specialized uninstallation app is available there for download together with additional instructions.

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