AVG TOP 5 weekly issues - November 4, 2011

by JiriF_AVG AVG staff - 11/4/11 5:57 AM

** Update process freeze on 64-bit operating system **

The previously reported issue of AVG update process freezing on some 64-bit operating systems is resolved with the latest AVG 2012 program update. Please run AVG repair installation using the most recent AVG installation package as described in one of the following FAQ articles to rectify this situation:
AVG Free Edition
AVG commercial versions
Should you face any challenge running AVG repair installation, please contact AVG technical support.

** Unwanted text added to Facebook notes **

Previously, AVG users reported that unwanted text is added to their Facebook notes containing web links. Please see an example of such text below:

#avg_ls_inline_popup{position:absolute;z-index:9999;padding:0px;margin:0px;overflow:hidden;wordWrap:break-word;color:black;font-size:10px;text-align:left;line-height:130%;}#avg_ls_inline_popup div{border-width:3px;border-style:solid;padding:3px;padding-left:8px;padding-right:8px;-moz-border-radius:5px;-webkit-border-radius:5px;}#avg_ls_inline_popup .red{border-color:#D20003;;background-color:#F5D4C1;;}#avg_ls_inline_popup .orange{border-color:#F57301;;background-color:#FFD3B0;;}#avg_ls_inline_popup .yellow{border-color:#EAA500;;background-color:#FEEFAE;;}#avg_ls_inline_popup .green{border-color:#00A120;;background-color:#C3E5CA;;}

It was recommended to disable the Add 'Secured by LinkScanner' to any sent Facebook or MySpace message checked by LinkScanner option temporarily to avoid this issue. We are happy to inform you this issue was rectified with the most recent AVG program update. If you have disabled the abovementioned option in past, feel free to enable it again after updating AVG.

** AVG Advisor **

Please be informed AVG 2012 includes a new AVG Advisor feature. It is designed to warn user that there could be a memory leak in your browser (in a script or a flash within a visited website, respectively). AVG records an average amount of memory used by a browser and is regularly checking the value during browser usage. In case the memory consumption is significantly increased, user is informed about possible memory leak. Browser re-start is recommended in such scenario.
Please see an example of AVG Advisor informative window here.
In case you would like to disable AVG Advisor (this may be handy in case you are used to work with internet browser differently than most users), you may proceed as follows:
- Open AVG user interface and press F8.
- Select the Appearance item in the left tree.
- Untick the Display AVG Advisor performance notifications option (screenshot).
- This will disable both the notifications and memory usage monitoring.
- Click OK to save any changes.

** Restart required repeatedly after an AVG update **

AVG Forums users reported AVG requesting restart repeatedly after completing the AVG update process. This issue is likely caused by certain update files could not been renamed for some reason.
Please proceed as follows to rectify the situation:
- Navigate to the following folder (some files and folders are hidden by default operating system configuration):
...or (if using Windows XP):
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg2012\cfg\
- Verify that the updatecomps.cfg.prepare file is present in this folder.
- Delete the updatecomps.cfg file.
- Rename the updatecomps.cfg.prepare to updatecomps.cfg.
Please contact AVG technical support should you need further assistance.

** iTunes wireless sync **

AVG Forums users reported AVG Firewall blocking iTunes wireless sync. The issue was rectified by temporarily disabling AVG Firewall. Should you face such situation, we recommend adjusting AVG Firewall configuration as described in this AVG Forums post.
Please contact AVG technical support should you face any challenge adjusting AVG Firewall configuration.

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