2.0 speakers for laptop question

by mamontano - 10/14/09 5:12 AM

My laptop (sony vgn-aw125j) has a good sound card with a headphone/
optical output port. From what i'm reading usb speakers bypass the
sound card and use software to adjust treble and bass, not sure about
volume and equalization. I use windows media player and the dolby
digital control that came with my laptop to control sound of my built
in speakers i.e equalizer, bass boost, virtual surround, etc. Since
i have a good sound card should i not consider usb speakers? They look
very convenient i.e less cords, easy to stow away but looks like sound
quality may suffer although i'm not sure it's a deal breaker. Built in
speakers sound good but i'd like better. Is there speakers that would
use the usb connection just for power and the headphone connection for
control? Looking to spend around $100 +/-. Any advice is much appreciated.