Looking for Experienced Powered USB Hub Data

by johnniedoo - 8/22/09 4:55 AM

I need more USB ports with the laptop at home like most do. I have tried a couple of usb powered 4 or 7 port name brand units and always get failures and that they do not recognize or only see it as able to go USB 1,1. I need to use some external things that probably need more than the 100mA that the the laptop will provide. I just got a 7port but it has its own wall plug and supposed to have overpower protection built in . but I wanted to know about burning up the smaller things such as the tiny receiver for the wireless mouse or even the smaller draw ext wifi adapter. I do not want to fry these things and the way I have the stuff spread out I will have to mix some which definitely need a powered usb hub with ones which function well when I do not have it plugged in. My 4in1 printer/copy etc needs a powered hub as does one ext optical drive or they will not function.
Anybody fry things or what to watch out putting in while plugged in?
I only need to have 3 or 4 max going on it but I have tried unplugged and with 3 plugged in at once they go unrecognized and become recognized as soon as i remove one.