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Packard Bell DOT SE not accepting new RAM?

by oOCaptainCrazyOo - 3/24/13 9:49 AM

Well i sat talking to Crucial for about 45 minutes, gave them the old RAM's part number and they came back with:

However, i have put this into the netbook correctly yet when i turn it on i get presented with, well, nothing but a black screen.

The RAM is seated properly and the old 1Gig RAM still works in it but this RAM just doesn't seem to work. The netbook turns on, the fan spins for maybe 3 seconds then goes quieter but still running.

I have updated the BIOS to the latest version (V3.16) to see if that helps but it doesn't.

Does anybody have experience with this particular netbook, or could somebody possibly understand why it wont work with this new RAM? I have contacted Packard Bell to see if they can advise me as to whether or not it is actually the correct RAM or not.

I'm doing this for my girlfriends mum as she is running Windows 7 Starter on it yet it loads pictures and such moderately slowly. I have considered installing Windows XP on it as i believe this will increase performance.

What do you think?