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Looking to buy a tablet to install linux and run natively

by alchemygear - 4/27/13 9:25 PM

My price range is around 250.00 dollars, I want it to be at least 10inches a quadcore and 1 gig of ram. I want a tablet that can be put into fastboot mode and be oem unlocked using adb. I don't want to run linux ontop of android in chroot. I want it to be flashed to the tablet no duel boot required I am not a fan of android. I have a chinese tablet that is locked and cant be unlocked its an onda v812. I would love for it to have 2 gigs of ram but I know that is out of my price range. The main linux distributions I want to flash is Fedora, Debian or Ubuntu. Thanks in advace for any help or sugestions.