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Convertible with Win8, min. i3, battery dock, sd-card

by WillymF - 3/10/13 3:14 AM


I recently searched for a Convertible/Transformer/... and found 3 nice products. The problem is, they are all nearly perfect for my requirements (convertible - in best case with a dock with keyboard and extended battery, "full" Win8, good performance - min. i3 Core with 3000HD, min. 64 GB storage, an (micro-)sd-card slot), but none is completely perfect:

1. Acer Iconia W700: This one is the closest of all, but it has no (micro-)sd-card-slot and no dock with battery in it. Instead there comes the tablet and a bluetooth keyboard.
2. Microsoft Surface Pro: Seems also vewry close, though there is no dock at all. The keyboard seems a little worse than the Acer Iconia W700's. Don't know, if there is a (micro-)sd-card-slot.
3. Sony Vaio Duo: I dont like the idea of leaving the keyboard on the convertible in tablet form. I'd like to take it off.

Do you know, if there is a device coming soon, which has all my requirements and maybe is not too expensive (lower than 1000 Euros would be nice)?

Willy Frucht