Having fun with the Kindle Fire HD

by Silverwinded - 1/8/13 6:50 AM

Just a update on my last post, after much comparison and side by side comparisons, I finally decided on my content portal, the Kindle Fire HD.

What it is:

Best 7 inch option for watching content, side by side, it blows the nexus way out of the water, the nexus screen appears to be the worst side by side vs the nook, kindle and the ipad mini. Go figure, it just is.

Best 7 inch option for sound, if your not using a remote speaker anyways, the dolby sound system in the kindle is superior to the other brand named tablets out there.

What it is not:

Its not a totally open OS, Amazon made some fantatastic restrictions (Im sure thier programmers though so anyways) For the majority of users buying the Kindle Fire HD and living in the Amazon world, especially if they already have alot of items saved in Amazons cloud, this isnt a problem per se, it does have limitations and restrictions, if you are using this tablet for more then CONTENT delivery, please take note of that, there are better options for you.

However, Ive had as much fun finding out what I can get around in Amazon's system as streaming content.

What you CAN do without rooting:

You can get ez file and download the onemobile app, ive installed the following without rooting, so I havent voided anything.

Chrome (getting away from Silk, which has more Amazon restrictions) (you can also go with firefox or opera if you feel more comfortable with those)

You Tube, frankly Amazon needs to lighten up on this one, but you can get it anyways, so really doesnt matter right now.

You Tube grabber (there is a billion pick your options)

Google Sky (its going to use wifi connectivity not gps, so its not going to be as accurate, but it shouldnt be that far off, and if your just using it as a telescope refrence, as I do mostly for the planets, its close enough)

Epub reader, there are several, I have both the Nook app and Aldiko installed at the moment.

You can get google maps as well, I have no real need of that at the moment, You can get mapquest via Amazon.

What you cant do:

Google play store is competly closed to your tablet, you are not going to get around this restriction without rooting, I dont recommend that, IF you really have the need to use your tablet, other then for content delivery, you might consider better options for you. Kindle fire HD , doesnt have GPS either , nexus does, if you are using this outside of your wifi spot, again, maybe better options in the end.

If you want the better entertainment content delivery, Kindle Fire is superior. (frankly I had the nook rated second, the nexus screen is so blatently dark, no matter how you play with the screen, I PERSONALLY do not like it)

Thats all, its been fun! Be back in 2-3 years when I upgrade =)