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Overheating Troubleshooting

by freesetech - 8/23/12 4:06 PM

I have a clients' Asus G74sx that is overheating and has hot-spots on the keyboard. I've used Speccy and Intel Processor Diagnostic to monitor the temperatures and its averaging 70-80 degrees Celsius, which is warm but within the normal parameters. This model has a built in gaming-coolant system so it wont overheat. It doesn't slow down from the heat. I still can't for surely say there is even anything wrong with it, cpu's get hot, but the client insists it is getting way too hot. I noticed a dent on the side of the computer and wonder of the heat-sink is damaged, hence only a few places on the keyboard are getting hot. Replacing it isn't a big deal I'm simply looking for a second opinion. Thank you