iPhone Woes

by Stormspace - 9/1/10 6:47 AM

So 30 days ago I upgraded my line to an iPhone 3GS and I must say it's the best phone I've ever used, however today 1 day before the order date and two days before the invoice date I'm having to return it as defective.

You see Sunday on the way home from out of town it died when I pulled it off the charger. Being within the 30 day window I thought I'd be ok, but by the time I got home I was told the warranty support line was closed and I'd have to wait until today to call them.

My first call Monday morning was to the warranty line. They explained that being in the 30 day window I could get an exchange via the AT&T online store where I bought the phone. A transfer later I discovered that in order to effect an exchange they would need to charge my card 300.00. To me this was unacceptable and communicating this to the CSR was told that I could effect the exchange at an AT&T store.

At the store where the people were very friendly, though ultimately not very helpful, they attempted to see if they could accept the return so that a replacement could be sent without the ridiculous charge to my card. They tried several things which lead to them calling Apple care to handle the return. I spoke to two people with Apple care. The first told me it would be a 500.00 hold to process the exchange, but we were cut off. The second added that there was a 0 dollar alternative if I was willing to drive 2 and a half hours to an Apple store. His last and most interesting offer was a 0 dollar exchange where I would take the phone to an UPS store where the packing material and return order would be waiting for me.

The last option would have been the way for me to go, however Apple's systems were offline(So much for reliability) and since I was running out of time I was forced to decide between calling Tuesday and some other issue arise, or to take advantage of the 30 day buyer remorse period return policy offered by AT&T.

I did try AT&T one last time and the 300.00 offer from before was now 500.00 dollars, so I opted for the return. Would have loved to have kept the phone, but for now it's going back. So I've canceled the data plan and gotten a label...

The plan is to just upgrade the phone again later, but AT&T doesn't have any phones available. Makes me think they never wanted to replace the phone to begin with.

I'm so bummed.