Bluetooth Cellphone Gateways

by walterwood - 7/26/10 7:53 AM

A friend asked about connecting his cellphones to the wired phones in his house. I checked and found several products available:

XLink Bluetooth Gateway
GE Cell Fusion Bluetooth
Ufone U118 Cellular Docking Gateway

All of these use Bluetooth to connect to your cell phone(s) and then route the call over wired home phones. This allows you to put your cell on a charger near the gateway and then use regular wired house phones to make and receive calls over your cell phone. Most allow two or three cell phones to pair up. Some will even let you have a regular landline connection in addition to the cell phone. Costs range from $30 to $100. Most products appear to have been introduced several years ago and have not been updated.

Is anyone familiar with these products and could make a recommendation.