More about the Rescue forum

by rafe CNET staff - 3/31/10 4:52 PM

Hey all, it's great to see the activity in this new forum, which created as part of the new CNET to the Rescue regular column at My goal in that column is to do what I can to protect tech consumers from being taken advantage of, or swindled, or ripped off. I'm trying to get involved when companies don't do right by their customers in big ways: Where policies run astray or where ads are misleading. Things like that.

This forum has the same mission. It's a place for us to talk about systemic issues that plague consumers.

One thing I can't do in Rescue -- and we shouldn't try to do here in the Rescue forum -- is try to answer very specific tech help questions, or deal with the occasional support missteps that all companies make. We have great CNET forums for that, full of people with specific knowledge, who really love helping each other out. Check out the Computer Help Forum at, for example.

There are no other forums at CNET that do what we do here, and I want to preserve the focus. So I'm going to take a more proactive role in working in this forum to keep the conversation about the big issues of policy and consumer rights. Topics better served by one of our of other help forums will get moved. But don't worry, any bookmarks to threads that get moved them won't be changed.

I hope that's ok with this forum's readers.

And now, let's hear about those misleading ads or gotcha policies. Let me know what I can do to rescue you.