Resolved question


by cmharris62 - 3/16/13 8:14 PM

Lets start with I am a computer tech for 11 years now so I a lot about computers and laptops but I am at a stand still with this one. And yes I removed the battery days before the new screen came and I did not have the power cord the customer has it so it was not plugged in.
I have a customer's laptop that has a cracked screen. I ordered a screen from the same place I always order from and I also called them with the laptop and screen model numbers to make sure to get the right one.
The cracked screen had a back light before I removed it to put new screen in. The new screen had no back light so I got a flash light and you can see the desktop. I took the cracked screen plugged it in and now it no longer has a back light.
So I did some research and found that this is a known problem with led screens but I can not find the schematics for this motherboard I am guessing it is a fuse blown. Does any one on here have a clue what fuse it is or can give me any new ideas to try. I have looked at the MB where the led cable plugs in and I just do not see a fuse the only fuse that stands out is the one by where the battery plugs into the MB it is a F12A white fuse but that would not have any thing to do with the back light would it?