HP CQ50-115NR coprocessor problem solved

by rogmey - 3/6/13 12:56 PM

Helped a friend with a HP Presario CQ50-115NR laptop that had a hard drive die. Installed new drive and Windows 7 (64-bit in this case) and used the various HP drivers listed on their web site, but under device manager it showed a yellow exclamation for coprocessor," thereby indicating a problem. After a lot of searching, I finally found the correct Nvidia nforce chipset driver to solve the problem. In my case Nvidia's auto detect would not run. If that occurs, then manually select the nForce 7 series driver and whatever operating system you are running. That driver covers, among others, the 780a SLI, 760i SLI, 750a SLI, 740i SLI, 740a SLI, 730i (Geforce 9400/9300), 730a (GeForce 8300/8200), 720i, 720a (GeForce 8100), 710a chipsets, and this group obviously includes the chipset for the CQ50-115NR.