Resolved question

my laptop screen freezes and fades to white.

by dancingpearly - 11/10/11 9:42 PM

I have a hp compaq nc6400 that I bought refurbished about a year ago. (So I'm not sure the actual age of the computer) I'm not sure if this is related to the screen fading, but A few weeks ago I started noticing some horizontal lines, like lines of pixels that were off color or something like that. It didn't bother me much, because they were just sort of faded and I could still see everything. Then a few days ago, the screen started flashing black or colored horizontal lines across the screen and sometimes freezing and fading, starting at the corners, to white. If left alone, it fades all the way to white with weird super light blue circles in the background. If I hit the screen, or move it, the screen pops back to normal. I think it's getting worse though, because before I would have to barely touch it to get it to come back, and now it takes a bit more.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong, or what I need to do to fix it?