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Presario cq60-215dx booting up issue?!?!

by jtlafemina - 4/27/11 5:22 PM


I've had a Presario CQ60-215DX for the past ouple of years. It has rarely been used and has never given me any problems. About a month ago I went on vacation and tried using the computer in the hotel room. With the AC adapter plugged in, the computer powered up, but rather then loading the operating system, it just started cycling through different colored screens. It starts off black, then white, then red, then green, blue, white, grey, white w/ just kept repeating this cycle. I tried starting it up and shutting it down a few times to no avail. I let it sit for a week planning on taking it somewhere to have it looked at. I tried powering it up again and this time it worked fine. It continued to work fine like that for another week or so, but now it's back to the original color cycling problem. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Joel