Laptop Black screen after Power outage

by lilatlbabishorti - 7/16/10 10:24 PM

My laptop is ASUS (Republic of Games) G50vt.
Few hours ago my laptop was working just fine until a short power outage had started.
I press the power on thinking it should be fine then i ended with the black blank screen.

First thing it would do is load the logo ' ASUS REPUBLIC OF GAMES' then after that goes into another screen showing a underscore blinking and after that goes blank again.

Few things to add:
-I only used the power adapter and not the battery. (grave mistake)
-I had tried Fn+F8 and so far it only showed a white line across the screen but the logo still there.
- I have tried the power button for awhile and it still showed black screen.
- When i put the battery in the area where you suppose to see the amount or percentage your battery has left, did not show. It also didnt show when the screen was loaded. only showed Republic of Game like the opening.

For now i am unable to get in anything no safe mode no nothing. Tomorrow perhaps i want to try to see if i can see my screen on the tv or externally. But for now i would like to see anyone advices.
- For now i am leaving the battery on and no adapter to make the laptop lose power.

- Also to add i am a beginning