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Which of these laptops would be the best?

by ShyOrchid - 5/9/13 7:58 PM

I'm a graphic design student and I'm need of buying a new laptop where I can use Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and other Adobe programs. I have asked for the right computer for me before but I haven't been able to buy a laptop due economic reasons, which is one of the main reasons why I have rejected the idea of getting a Mac (they are too expensive for my budget and I can't stand the OS either).

I saw an add the other day of a store where they are selling some laptops and there were two whom caught my attention but I''m not sure which is the best choice (have in mind I intend to buy one of these laptops so your advice of another machine won't be useful as I live outside the US):

*Laptop 1:
HP G6-2217CL
Processor: A8-4500M 1.9GHz
Hard drive: 700HDD
Graphic Card: Radeon HD 7640G 3GB
Price:RD$ 20,450 = US$ 497.57

*Laptop 2:
HP Envy 6 ultrabook
Processor: A10-4655M 2GHz
Hard drive:500GB HDD
Graphic Card: Radeon HD 7620G 3GB
Price:RD$23,950 = US$ 582.73

I'm thinking the HP envy 6 is better because of the processor, but I'm not sure if the graphic card is better compared to the HP G6, there is also the fact the ultrabook has no optical drive and in that situation I would have to buy an external optical drive, but I'm not sure if the pros outweight the cons. What are your thoughts in this matter?