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What is a good buy?

by yRokal - 1/20/13 5:21 AM

So I'm looking to get a new laptop. To be honest I haven't had a laptop in years.

Currently I have a 27in iMac 2010 2.8ghz quad core i5 model 12gb ram 1tb hd.

I'm an old PC gamer an would like a system that would like me play some games, but nothing too intense.

I have narrowed it down to:
Lenovo Ideapad 13 Yoga
Refurb - Macbook Pro

Honestly, I want a different experience then apple, though I've become accustomed to the interface.

I have the money for the Lenovo, but I would also like to get a TV..

Since I'm not big on playing too much with my 27in iMac anymore would it be a good idea to sell it and get a refresh of a 21in iMac and get a laptop and TV?

Sorry if I confused anyone, any help is appreciated.