Do the Dell XPS laptops include a backlit keyboard as standa

by alexandrix - 2/19/10 12:47 PM


I have just ordered the Dell XPS laptop with the i7 820 processor and I am enquiring if the backlit keyboard is included as standard or an optional extra.

The reason I mention this is because after I had placed my order I started a chat session with dell online and one of their salespersons in India phoned me back and I enquired if the keyboard would be backlit because the option is not there to decide when you build your own laptop.

The guy told me it was an extra. I said I am willing to pay the extra $40 for a backlit keyboard and it was included.

I have received the final acknowledgement of my order and payment and the keyboard is not specified as backlit but Dell have told me it is.

I am beginning to wonder if I have paid an extra $40 for something that was already included as standard in the laptop.

A little help concerning this would be appreciated.