Work around Black Screen for Hp G62-340US

by have?? - 9/10/13 4:48 PM

My sister has a HP G62-340US laptop computer which was working fine for about 2 years. Suddenly went to Black Screen and the Caps lock was blinking once every second or so. I read up on the problem with all I read it was time to dump this HP. I started researching again and one person said he held the Escape Key down when rebooting, so I gave this a try...IT WORKED!! I left it on and did all the updating, scan for malware, etc. some things had to be restarted after Malware finished and it did restart just fine, then walked away when I came back the Black screen was on again so I figured it had something to do with it going to sleep wasn't sure what time was set to do so, I manage to reboot again holding the escape key down. When I finished with all I could do the test was to shut it down and try again to see if it would start normally. Windows updates came on had a lot to updates (27) so I left. When I returned it had shut down, tried again the holding down Escape Key and the start button...nothing tried over and over nothing, would not come on. Then I decided to just leave it on for a while with the Black Screen about 30 minutes later tried again and it worked. So I guess if you leave the computer on for a while it will come on. At less I know now everything is working the LCD screen, no new parts it seem like a nightmare people where having with this HP G62-34OUS. It's worth a try and maybe get a little more mileage out of your computer you just have to hold the escape key down when rebooting. I did change the setting for it not to go to sleep and will use a screen saver until shutting it down. I hope this helps someone my sister could not afford another computer.