CNET Reviews

by GERRY RAINS - 5/18/13 1:59 PM


Perhaps you think that we mufti-task 24/7. If so, you are dreadfully wrong.

I would like to make some suggestions.

(1) Don't ask me or anybody else about a soft until we have had time to install and use a product. Make that a three (3) week waiting period. As you do it now, the best I can do is analyze products that are updates of programs that I have used previously.

Example: I downloaded the installation files for five CD-Burners to my very fast computer, enhanced by the wonderful program Internet Download manager. Then I put them in DropBox and thus transferred them to my guinea pig computer. Mama didn't raise no fools. Give me time. I really get a lot out of your reviews and would like to be able to write meaningful ones, but short of putting them in some sort of corral for delayed opinions I have little choice but to delete them. In other words slow down.

(2) Have a check-box for (A) I haven't installed it yet and another for (B) I don't yet have an opinion.

Sincerely yours,

A great fan of your work