Resolved question

HomeGroup & IPv6

by SirGalahad1 - 3/29/13 4:15 PM

For several month's I've been trying to figure out how to reset something that went wrong in the settings for HomeGroup. I'm running W7, 64b, and wanted to have OCR, downloaded the full version for the HP 6500 Officejet. Things went haywire, got help from an IT Pro (via remote access), got the computer back up and working but somewhere a setting got messed up. Ever since I have been unable to use Homegroup. I've been through an enormous loop as it continues to pop up the notice "The Network connection must have IPv6 enabled" while attempting to set up homegroup. I've run all the trouble shooting, followed all the suggestions from MS Support to confirm that it is started and configured correctly per their directions. There was one time while running the trouble shooting it said it found a problem: "An Ethernet cable is not plugged in or might be broken" but it's never had Ethernet for homegroup? Are there any solutions someone may have?